Here we collect advice, tips and wisdom to help you get your scientific papers written and published. A successful postdoc should aim for at least two or three high quality papers to be published each year. By high quality we mean good science in good journals. Every results chapter of a graduate students thesis should ideally be a published paper (typically ~4 papers).

The key to becoming a good efficient writer is to read extensively, practice writing frequently, and get feedback on your writing from others.

As a graduate student or postdoc you should always be writing something (e.g. drafting your manuscript, writing a review of some interesting and relevant research by others). By this I mean for you to get into the practice of writing and to get feedback on your writing from others.

Specific advice and tip:

Useful books:

How to Write a Lot: A Practical Guide to Productive Academic Writing” Paperback by Paul J. Silvia

Note. Barry has a range of books on scientific writing that you are welcome to borrow - just ask!